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Major findings concerning road and rail transport

Cross Alpine Freight Transport 01
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  • Brenner is still the most important Alpine crossing, approaching 2 million vehicles in 2004; with 31.5 million tonnes, it covers nearly one fourth of total Alpine road transport.
  • The hierarchy among other passes has been strongly modified : Mont-Blanc, which was the second most important pass in 1994, has become a rather minor passage, whereas Ventimiglia replaced it in 2004 as the second most important pass in terms of number of vehicles. At Gotthard, there has been a decrease of the number of vehicles together with an increase of tonnages.
  • As a result the split of road tonnages by country of Alpine crossing has changed from 44% (France), 8% (Switzerland) and 48% (Austria) to 32% (France), 10% (Switzerland) and 58% (Austria).


  • Over the entire Alpine arc the share of rail in total tonnages has continuously decreased, from 38% in 1994 to 34% in 1999 and 33% in 2004.
  • This share highly differs depending on the country of Alpine crossing: in 2004 it amounts to 64% in Switzerland, 31% in Austria and 14% in France. In every country it has decreased over the last decade.
  • Gotthard is the most important Alpine crossing concerning rail transport (15.6 million tonnes), followed by Brenner and Semmering with around 10 million tonnes each.
  • The split of rail transport between countries with Alpine crossings has shifted from 17% (France), 35% (Switzerland) and 48% (Austria) in 1994 to 11% (France), 36% (Switzerland) and 53% (Austria).
Modal Split at Alpine Crossing Freight Transport 01
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tabel: > Development of the road traffic flows by Alpine crossing
          > Development of the total flows by Alpine country and mode
          > Modal Split, Share of Rail in tonnages

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